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Shawna and PJ Zeilstra, Owners

3085 N. Stringtown Rd. Olney, IL
Phone: 618-869-2729


Training Philosophy

PAWSitive Pet Perfection have a mission to educate dog owners about their dogs in order to build a bond between owner and pet that will last a life time. Below are some frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please contact us.


  • Q: What kind of training do you use?
    • A: PAWS uses mostly PAWSitive reinforcement for our training. We use treat motivation as well as verbal motivation. We do incorporate other methods, when necessary, but PAWSitive reinforcement is our first choice.
  • Q: Is my dog too old or to young?
    • A: We start training as early as 4 months and there is no limit to how old a dog can be. You can teach an old dog new tricks(young ones too)! The difference is your expectations and persistance. Just like people, puppies have a shorter attention span, so you can still expect them to be well behaved, just for shorter periods. Older dogs can still learn, they may just take a little more work because you have to overcome years of habits.
  • Q: What do you teach in the basic level 1 obedience class?
    • We cover basic manners which includes:
      • Walking on a loose leash
      • Sit
      • Recall (come when called)
      • Socialization
      • General behavior issues
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