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Shawna and PJ Zeilstra, Owners

3085 N. Stringtown Rd. Olney, IL
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PAWSitive Pet Perfection's Mission

 PAWSitive Pet 365

It is the mission of PAWSitive Pet Perfection to help build a bond between you and your pet that lasts a lifetime. In order to accomplish this, we created PAWSitive Pet 365 to help you and your animals live healthy, balanced lives. Owning an animal is a lot of work and can’t be learned all at once. It is an ongoing process that takes a lifetime of work. We are here to help. We have over 30 years of combined experience with animals and offer many services to help you and your animals live balanced lives.


PAWSitive Playcare is a service that allows you to drop off your dog in the morning and pick him up in the evening during the week. While in our care, he will interact with other dogs in a structured and supervised atmosphere. He will exercise both mind and body. When your dog comes on a regular basis, he will be able to burn off excess mental and physical energy as well as develop social skills that will allow them to function better at home and in public.


PAWSitive Boarding allows you to feel confident that you have someone who will look after your pets as well as you do, while you are away. We have a number of options for boarding. 

Our In Facility Boarding allows us to take care of your dog, cat, or other animals at our facility. With three different size pens, we have a room to fit any dog or pack of dogs. We also have accomodations for our feline friends as well as most any other critter you have at home. Your animals will stay in our climate controlled building and will be cared for by a team of caring PAWSitive Pet Professionals.


PAWSitive Training helps you to understand your dog. It helps you to understand why he does the things he does and also helps you to understand what things you may be doing to help him that are actually hurting him. We also stress socialization and other skills that will help your dog to be more balanced. We stress that training is not just a one and done class, but a lifelong pursuit. To encourage more accountability and knowledge, we have short, four week classes that begin each month. This format allows you to come more often and keep your training pursuit going. 


PAWSitive Grooming helps you to keep your dog looking his best! Whether it is a bath and nail trim, or a full blown groom with the works. We service all of your pet’s grooming needs. Some breeds require more attention than others. If your dog has long hair, or hair that is matted, it is important to keep them brushed out and possibly groomed to ensure that their coat stays in good shape. Not only will your dog look better, but he will have better hygiene and feel better. We know that you care for your pet like he is a part of the family. We want to make sure that they stay looking their best as part of your family.


Harvey Veterinary Services: We are happy to be partnered with Dr. Alison Harvey of Harvey Veterinary Services. Dr. Harvey helps us to complete the circle of service we provide for your pet’s wellbeing. Dr. Harvey provides yearly wellness exams, vaccines, routine care, and general services. 

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